Warlords III Central has been closed down.

After much thought, I've decided to shut down this Warlords web site. This forum, all 60+ custom cgi scripts, Warlords info pages, player info, tournaments, etc. will be shut down. This site contains over 4,600 html pages and uses over 70MB of webspace. Probably the only thing that will remain is the ladders located at laddergames.com (PBEM Ladder is the only active ladder anyway.)

Many factors have swayed my decision to shut it down:

#1. Once again, we need to move webwonderland.com to a faster web host, and each time requires alot of work due to the 60+ custom cgi scripts that are used on Warlords III Central.

#2. This site is huge considering most websites only take a few megabytes, this one is over 70MB in size!

#3. Warlords III is starting to lose it's appeal to the players, and activity is dwindling all over. There was a time when ROZ was packed 24 hours a day, tons of ladder games were being played every day, this site was getting 20,000 hits everyday. You can now find Warlords III in the discount bins at computer stores.

#4. And most importantly, I will not support the new game BattleCry since it is becoming like all of the other games you see in computer stores. Walk in to your nearest computer store and look at the games covers. What will you see? Monsters and creatures that resemble the likeness of demons. Blood, violence, sex, magic, spells, sorcery. Everyday, they get worse and worse. Some examples can be seen here: http://www.warlords3.com/

Special thanks to all of you fans out there who have made this site great. Thanks to those who have helped to pay for this site by clicking on our banners. Thanks to all for the great games we have shared. Thanks to Steve Fawkner, who has made the Warlord series and moderated the Warlords Forums and helped to answer the questions we had, and listed to our ideas for future improvements.

 Hope you enjoyed the site.
Katana Man

A.K.A. James

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